This Is Better Than Naked

There are few things better than being naked. This blog is devoted to those things. Clothing that demands being worn. Ideas that make you feel loved. People who are so sexy it almost hurts to think of them naked... Almost.

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ca. 1887, [tintype portrait of Sue Baker, a madam from Philadelphia] 
Accompanying the photo is a warrant dated 1887 for her arrest that reads: 

“defendant has been informed and vainly believes…[she is right in] keeping an[d] maintaining a common bed house for the practice of fornication and a place to entice girls for said practice”

via Charles Schwartz Photography
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Can Beth Ditto take a bad picture?
The answer is no.  
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This summer I’m going to live in boostiers, this vest, and high waist skirts. I have two boostiers that I haven’t worn since 2 summers ago. I’m breaking them out again this year! Holla!

Why hellooooo lips, eyes, and everything.
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London Andrews
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Where can I get a parrot that will undress girls?  (Also, killer shot.  They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore!)
vintagegal: Yvette Dare burlesque dancer 1940’s. She had her parrot trained to disrobe her.

My love of burlesque and macaws just met… It was spectacular.
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Just wanted some rainbow on my tumblr again. It was so fun strutting in that tutu at pride. 

Why is she so fucking cute!?
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omnivory: cherry-blossomgirl

Well hello, attractive human being.
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allkindsofblackdudes: Angyl Valantino

Well hello, man-in-sexy-lingerie, how nice to meet you.